Yemen unrest forces global diplomates to flee

The situation in Yemen is gradually tilting towards civil war. There was a fierce battle between soldiers and tribesmen as they fight for the control of key positions in the capital. These have caused many diplomats to board plane and flee out of the country.

The concentration of the fighting is now in the capital Sanaa and several other cities and there are worries that the battle could engulf the whole country.

Yemen soldiers moved in to fight the opposition groups which comprise of tribesmen, Islamic militants and militias. These groups are fighting the government in addition to the popular uprising in the country which is demanding for regime change in the country.

There was heavy fighting around the state owned television which was strongly fortified by security forces. The security forces opened fire against the tribesmen who are supporting Hamid al-Ahmac who is the strongest opponent of President Ali Saleh.

Heavy fighting between the tribesmen and Yemen security forces busted last week because of the refusal of president Saleh to sign a peace deal. That was the third time the president is refusing to sign that deal. With the movement of tanks and armored vehicles into the capital it appears that Saleh wanted to use maximum force to crush the tribesmen. Such a move could be counter productive.