Yemeni people call on President Saleh to resign

A lot of Yemeni demonstrators resisted petition for peace and trudged in mass through the capital on Thursday in a move to remove the country’s head of state.

At one side stood the followers of the head of state and at the other side were the demonstrators against the government. Smell and sight of burnt rubber filled everywhere especially next to closed shops with the noise of gunfire heard also.

On Thursday, the underprivileged capital saw the most violent of conflict since that of Tunisia and Egypt.  Although few in number, Yemen’s anti-government protesters unexpectedly came back in full force to fight back with different kinds of dangerous weapons.

For some onlookers, the tumultuous situation on Rabat Street – after weeks of pacific demonstration even in the presence of well protected government militia- points out that a change has taken place in this mid-eastern country.

In the midst of this turbulence, Saleh a United States supporter who has held power for over three decades has declared an inquiry into the untimely demise of demonstrators. That night, The President met with senior military personnel, with one of them referring to these as ordinary fighting.

On Thursday protesters against the government gathered in seven regions emphasizing its instability.