Android Tablets achieves 20 Percent share in market

In the global market of omputer industry Android media tablets have paved their way to speedy growth by attaining greater market share. In comparison to its competitor ipad, Android tablets are soon going to give tough competition to leading brand of Apple too.

Android-based media tablets and other products have swept 2o prcent of market share from the rival ipad in last one year, according to a recent research study on media tablets and their market status by ABI Research.

Though the results of this study are yet to be verified by technology market experts, the news has already stirred the tech industry. If this proves true, Android will definitely break Apple’s dominance and monopoly in the market.

However,Google’s Android  Operating System is yet to cross many obstacles and its fragmentation is a problematic issue. No app developer would be interested in developing Android app if they do not find ample profit potential in making Android media tablets.

However, Android is not the sole competitor for Apple, and many small names in the market have come up with cheaper options. Smaller options like that of HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc., are better for those people who do not want 9-7 inches large ipads. Lesser prices also attract a good number of consumers. , HP has come up with $399 touchpad and Iconioa Tab A100 is just $329.