Apple plans to sell 1.5M Sandy Bridge MacBook

Apple is planning to flood the market with sandy Bridge MacBook which is the latest generation of the product. The company is planning to sale over 1.5 million of the product in each quarter of a year.

If the company meets the target then the product would represent fifty percent of the product’s notebook that is in the market. Already there is a believe in some quarters that apple would be in a position to achieve that.

It was revealed by apple insider that the company has already placed an order for 380,000 of the product for this month. 55 percent of the total order would be in the model of 11.6 inch while the remaining would be 13.3 inch model.

Apple is planning to take the market; the MacBook Air refresh will boost the performance of the Mac sales in the market together with the expected release of Mac OS lion brand. Apple computers are already miles ahead of other PC in the market. The company is expected to market over 18 million apples within the year 2011. It is expected that the operating margin of the lion will be higher than the previous upgrades done by the company. The products would only be marketed through Mac application stores and there would be no retail distribution costs.