Germany working to resolve E. coli contamination

The authorities in Germany said that they are still working to resolve how sprouts farm were contaminated with E. coli which has so far claimed the life of 35 people. The officials on Friday blamed sprouts at lower Saxony state as being responsible for the outbreak. Apart from the number of death about 3000 people were affected by the incident.

However what the authorities of the agriculture ministry were not able to resolve is how the bug was brought to the farm. It is not clear whether the bug was brought by the workers into the farm, or whether bacteria got to the farm through the seed or through any other means.

Tests were conducted on about 1,100 samples, 300 out of them is from the farm. The tests are not concluded and it will continue until answers are found for the problem. The orld Health Organization has reported that about 35 people have so far died of the incidence. Only 1 of the victims is not from Germany.

33 of those who died had rare complication which they developed as a result of the incident which led to kidney failure. So far about 3,255 people have fallen ill as a result. The country is not giving up in the fight against the outbreak.