Artificial Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes

ORLANDO — Researchers will soon offer an “artificial pancreas” to type 1 diabetic patients that will help better control the swings of blood glucose that come with the type 1 diabetes.
Scientists developing the artificial pancreas for diabetic patients announced at this weekend’s 70th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association that the latest experiments of the equipment show it can be used in real-life situations with success.

Artificial Pancreas Technology:
There are three main components for an artificial pancreas.

  1. An uninterrupted glucose monitor that measures blood glucose levels and the direction they are trending through the day. With this monitor that is connected to the boy you don’t have to prick the finger and use test strips to get a blood sugar reading.
  2. An insulin pump also connected to the body, that doses insulin continuously at a low level and can be adjusted.
  3. A high-tech software that can synchronize the above devices to ensure the smooth working of artificial pancreas automatically.

Scientists have already achieved the first two steps and is working on the software which should be ready soon should turn the artificial pancreas for diabetic patients into a reality and bring relief to lot of type 1 diabetic patients.