Breakdown of play station network anonymous denies involvements

Anonymous group has denied that it has anything to do with the breakdown of PlayStation Network. Despite the repeated pledge by Sony that the PlayStation will be back to the game lovers, the online gaming console is still offline causing untold hardships to people who depended on the system for their living.

But it seems that Sony is concerned with finding out what actually went wrong and which hackers are responsible for the collapse of the online gaming system. So far the culprits have not being identified.

Sony has disclosed in the earlier part of the week that well over 24 million of its user’s accounts have been tampered with. This is in addition to the initial 77 million accounts that were hacked.

However Sony has evidence that linked the Anonymous hacker group as being responsible for the problems the PSN has been having for few weeks now. From the look of events it appears that the attack on the PSN was carried out by a highly organized criminal group. It was disclosed that a file placed on one of the PSN servers had an inscription that “we are legion” according to Sony.

Sony was prompt in accusing the Anonymous group for being responsible, but anonymous has come out to deny any involvement. They said that they never believed in the massive fraught of societal laws. But there may be other angle to the story. It is possible that those who want to use the name of Anonymous group may be doing so to confuse the investigators to back out of the investigation.