Christians demonstrate against communal violence in Egypt

Christians and their supporters protested in Cairo against New Year attack on Saints Church in Alexandria, which led to death of 23 people and injured many others. Hundreds of Coptic Christians were paying a mass worship in the church when bomb attack was made.

The protest voiced outrage among Christians against the violence and ignorant behavior of Egyptian administration. There are 80 million Coptic Christians living in Egypt that account for around 9 percent of total population of the country.

The demonstrators vowed to defend cross till their last breath. There was tight security in Cairo during the entire demonstration.  Protests have also been made in other parts of Egypt since the New Year car bombing. Administration has increased security measures in areas where they feel possibility of riots.

The Coptic Christians differ from other sects of Christianity as they believe in a different story regarding divinity of Jesus Christ. Coptic Church believes in Apostle Mark’s teachings. He had introduced Christianity in Egypt.  There have been constant intra-communal violence in Egypt since long time.

Earlier security authorities claimed that there might be some international terrorist groups or probably Al Qaeda involved in the attack. Even President Hosni Mubarak blamed foreign elements for the bombing in the Coptic Church.

However on Sunday Egypt acknowledged that there is a possibility of local groups being responsible for the attack on Christians.