Clinton Praises Opposition in Syria

The United States Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Clinton is full of praises for the opposition forces who gathered in Turkey capital Istanbul to seek for collaboration in ousting of president Bashar al-Assad. Mrs. Clinton who was in Istanbul was proud of what the Syrian People are doing on their own to bring reform in their country.

Earlier the leader of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood Movement said that the opposition in the country is going to dethrone the government of the country. He said that what is required is for international community and the Arab countries to withdraw the support and recognition they are according to the government. Ali Sadr Bayanuni stated this when he was speaking to Al Jazeera, he said that foreign countries should withdraw their diplomats from the country. He said that the government of the country has committed crimes against people of the country.

Sources close to the country reported that tens of thousands of Syrians took to the street on Friday but about 32 of the protesters were killed by the Syrian security forces. Commenting on the protests that was carried out yesterday Mrs. Clinton described it as the largest since the unrest started, he advised the government to hearken to the demand of the people of the country.