Death toll increases in Missouri following tornado

Casualties have continued to increase as a result of the tornado that struck Joplin in southwest Missouri in the United States of America. About 11 people were confirmed dead following the storm that affected the nursing home center in Joplin. The storm struck the home and destroyed the building according to the home operator.

Since the incident occurred the death toll has continued to increase, it is estimated that about 122 people had lost their lives while over 750 others sustained different forms of injury. The storm was the highest so far experienced in the city.  Even as the city residents are trying to come in terms with the disaster there is tornado warning that is issued for some parts of the state. Tornado incidents were confirmed in some parts of the country such as the Ohio which affected trees and cut off power supply.

It appears that the storm that hit Joplin early this week is the deadliest since 1950 when the National Weather Service started taking records of tornados. In the history of the United States of America it is rated as the 8th deadliest storm to hit any part of the country. The Sunday incident claimed the live of more than 100 residents and the nursing home alone had more than 10 of this figure.