Flooded Atchatalaya River threatens Louisiana

Residents of Louisiana towns are put into panic as the water from the swollen Atchatalaya River is making way to bounce their homes. The evidence of the frustrations and fears which the water has inflicted into the residents can be felt from the signs they wrote outside their homes.

Some of the signs indicated that many of the residents have already started removing their valuable belongings out of their homes. The swollen water has made the officials to issue an evacuation order to the residents some days back but the warning was later withdrawn when the authorities had thought that they could put the situation under control.

Some of the residents had heeded the earlier warning and had removed their personal belongings out their homes. However when the authorities backed down on the evacuation orders some of the residents tried to provide some remedies by filling bags with sand to provide some resistance to the water when it starts rushing to their homes.

It would be recalled that on the 14th of May the army corps of engineers opened the Mississippi river at Morganza floodway for the flowing of the water from Mississippi which was then threatening the Baton Rouge and New Orleans with imminent flooding. The water was diverted from the Mississippi to the Atchafalaya basin. It appears that the diversion is now causing problems for the residents of Louisiana towns.