Gadhafi soldiers push to retake Misrata

Despite the series of air bombardment by NATO forces loyal to the embattled Libyan leader Moamar Gadhafi had launched an attack aimed at taking the Misrata which was under the control of the rebel soldiers. The attack was launched on Wednesday.

It was reported that thousands of soldiers loyal to Gadhafi infiltrated the rebel positions with cars and flags bearing the rebel colour. The attack had claimed the lives of more than 13 rebel soldiers. Eye witness reported that this battle was the bloodiest since the city of Misrata was besieged by soldiers. The hospitals in the city are reported over flowing with wounded people.

However it appears that the rebels are holding strongly to their ground. This attack is just coming barely a day after NATO had launched one of the deadliest attacks against Gadhafi in Tripoli. The government spokesperson said that over 60 missiles landed in the Tripoli claiming life of about 31 people. NATO said that it is doing everything to avoid civilian casualties in the air attacks. Gadhafi had vowed that he will fight to the last person saying that he will not leave the country. NATO and rebels had insisted that the only condition for ceasefire is that Gadhafi will leave power.