Karzai Condemns police commander’s murder

The president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has condemned the suicide bomb attack which led to the death of a prominent police officer and two German soldiers and some other people on Sunday. Mr. Karzai expressed his anger over the incidence and prayed that such should not happen again.

The notable casualty of the suicide bomb attack was the respected police officer Mohammed Daud Daud who was also former deputy minister of interior. The Taliban was accused of being behind the attack. He described the casualties of the attack as those who are working hard for the restoration of peace in the country including the dead foreign soldiers.

The attack was roundly condemned by the international community. The international security assistance force described the attack by the Taliban as the senseless murder. The death of the police chief is seen by many as a big blow to the force which is strategizing to take over the security of the country as the foreign forces are about to handover the country internal security to them.

The late police officer was known as a big opponent to the insurgents’ attack which has started to become rampart in the northern part of the country.

Before the day he was killed he called a press conference where he announced the commencement of operation hope which was aimed at flushing out the insurgent attack in some parts of the country.