Libyan rebels hope to gain information from defecting foreign minister

Libyan opposition members and rebellions are optimistic to get some strategic details from the defecting minister of Gaddafi’s government. The rebellions’ party Transitional Council has started contacting Moussa Koussa, who has rebelled against the Gaddafi regime citing oppression against the demonstrators.

The minister’s rebel from the government is being considered as an indication of the end of Gaddafi’s rule.

Moussa Koussa knows a great deal about 1988 Pan Am] Lockerbie bombing and approaching him, the rebellions hope to get more factual information to fledge the autocratic Libyan ruler and win the confidence and support of the international community.

And he is watching carefully, revealed a rebel, Awad Juma. Ali Treki, who refused replacing Libyan representative in the United Nations, has also declared his protest by resigning from Gaddafi’s government. Juma added that this clearly shows the beginning of fall of Gaddafi after being in power for 42 years.

The rebellion further stated that Gaddafi was ruling Libyan people at gunpoint. He has suppressed every person who opposed or tried to opposed his acts and put leaders under pressure by targeting their families.

Robert Gates U.S. Defense Secretary has continuously opposed assisting the NATO-led coalition of international security forces to assist the Libyan rebels and save them from atrocities of pro-Gaddafi forces.