Mississippi Threats: Pressure Eases on Levees

American residents along the Mississippi River are beginning to show sign of relief as the pressure which has been on the Mississippi River has reduced. This is as a result of the opening of the Morganza Spillway. This has reduced the pressure on the levees. This made the Mississippi River to crest last Tuesday.

Releasing water from the Mississippi river is continuing making it possible for the river not to swell beyond 45 feet as against 47.5 which was predicted at the commencement of the problem some weeks back. This was confirmed by an official of the National Weather Service Ron Trumbla. He said the reduction in the build up of the river was as a result of the spillway which was opened. He said if not for the wise decision that was taken to open the spillway the water level would have reached the level that was predicted earlier.

However the spillage of the water has washed away farm lands as the water passes into the river where it was channeled but at least it has saved the largest city in the state of Louisiana. Evacuations have been going on the towns around the cities that are located within that basin.