NATO insists Gadhafi not target of air strikes

NATO has thrown more light on the air strike that killed the son of Libyan leader Colonel Moamar Gadhafi. The NATO officials maintained that the air strike that killed the Libyan Leader’s son was not targeted at Gadhafi but to a military control center that was located in the country’s capital Tripoli. It said that the strike was never an assassination attempt as being insinuated in some quarters.

In a statement NATO described the air attack as “a known command and control building.” The NATO official who is at the head of the military air strike against Gadhafi Lt Gen Charles Bouchard said that the reported death of Gadhafi son and grandson could not be confirmed.

He maintained that the air campaign against Gadhafi is not targeted at individuals but at military institutions.

It would be recalled that Libyan officials said that the Saturday’s air attack in Tripoli has caused severe casualties including the death of Gadhafi son and grandson. The government official said that Gadhafi escaped death narrowly during the air strike.

However NATO had maintained that all its attacks are against military installations. It said that Gadhafi has built military sites at residential areas. NATO had intervened in the war in Libya to protect the Libyan population against attack by the Gadhafi led government. Gadhafi has been in power for more than four decades.