Newt Gingrich sends apology to congressman Paul Ryan

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has sent an apology to the US congressman Paul Ryan who has criticized his proposal to change the Medicare policy if he is elected the president of America.

The spokesman for the presidential candidate disclosed that he had called the congressman on Friday and expressed his apology. The spokesman further said that the congressman who is also of the Republican Party has accepted the apology that was offered by the Gingrich adding that the conversation by two of them went very well.

Ryan is the chairman of the congress committee on budget he has proposed a shift in the policy where the Medicare should be replaced with voucher to make it possible for the older citizens to be able to buy health insurance. This was criticized by Gingrich who saw it as a radical change that could add to the government entitlement program which according to him is similar to the same law the president Obama is championing.

However Gingrich a former congressman and a former speaker of the house may have discovered that all was not well with his criticisms hence he decided to approach the congressman for reconciliation. The issue of Medicare is one of the policy issues that are dividing the Americans especially between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.