President Obama calls on business groups to improve US economy

Washington: President Barack Obama on Saturday asked U.S business and finance groups to improve on the economic status of the country by increasing the labour force and investments.

There is an increased responsibility of the Country to improve the rate at which business is done through improving education putting in place what will encourage creativity and framework  development.

He said the businesses have a responsibility also to increase their labor force if America is made a place suitable for businesses to operate.

Obama received much resentment from influential corporate business factions in his first two years against his plans to improve Wall Street operating guidelines and also to refurbish the healthcare sector. In a move to improve things, the white house sought out to make a former executive of JP Morgan Chase the new Chief of staff.

Obama would however make the challenge by giving his first statement to chamber members and promised to address the members of the chambers that both the government and business have joint obligations.

In his recent travels around the nation, he’s been trying to sell around initiatives to improve wireless access.

We want to move ahead and the best way is what we did by giving tax credits.