Pro-Gaddafi security forces push protesters from western stronghold in Libya

LIbya protesters

LIbya Protesters

Pro-government security forces forced anti-Gaddafi protesters out of their stronghold—city of Misurata after high resistance of the rebellions. For a short period though, the protesters had claimed victory of Ajdabiya but now the Libyan government forces reinforced their control over the area.

According to Musa Ibrahim, government spokesman from Libya stated that Qaddafi supporting security forces were to take control over Misurata following Zawiyah, the two towns in the western part of Libya where the rebels had taken over.

The move was slow in order to avoid casualties, stated the spokesperson, whereas the rebels revealed that there were more than 10 people died while Gaddafi’s forces took control of the city from them.

The rebels fought continuously hoping for some support from the international community, but there was none. Susan E. Rice, the United States envoy to the United Nations, tried continuously for a resolution to declare Libya not only a no-flight zone but also initiate some stern steps to check the movement of Gaddafi’s forces.

Ms Rice stated that they were discussing actions that would protect the civilians there in Libya. The United States is considering going for possible measures beyond a no-fly zone. The US diplomat added that they were trying for a solution of the crisis through voting in Libya.

Meanwhile warplanes were reported bombarding over the areas off-Benghazi.

NGOs and aid organizations left the city soon after for safety.

The rebellions welcomed the initiative from the United States and the UN Security Council.

Even within the US administration, it is a strong belief that declaring Libya a no fly zone is no more an effective measure to check loyalist forces’ oppressive steps against the rebels.