US flays Syrian president Assad for failure to implement reforms

US flays Syrian president Assad for failure to implement reforms

The US administration severely criticizes Bashar al-Assad, Syrian president over inability to address the demands of anti-government protesters.

US President Barack Obama stated that his counterpart lacked capacity to run the administration or do anything to calm down people of Syria. The Syrian government has continuously violated human rights in order to suppress the anti-government demonstrators. Despite promising to appease the protesters, Assad has yet not done anything over meeting the demands of people.

The Syrian president has been close with Iran and supported extremist groups — Hamas and Hezbollah. He also opposed Israel continuously but despite isolating Syria, the United States could not interfere much to stop Assad, neither it could give any financial or political pressure on Syria to force it for a bilateral talk with opponents. Assad and his family has ruled over Syria for more than 40 years so far.

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner stated that only the people of Syria could judge their president and his ability to lead the country forward to meet their aspirations. If Assad fails to bring social and economic reforms in Syria, only people can decide whether they want him to continue.

Instead of caring for protesters’ demand, Syrian president faulted them of conspiring and raising dissent among people. Despite his officials’ suggestions Assad retained emergency law to crush his opponents.

President Obama approves arming Libyan rebels against Gaddafi regime

President Obama approves arming Libyan rebels against Gaddafi regime

US president approved a secret document that authorized US operations in Libya to assist anti-government rebels with arms.

The document seeks for different ways to help the anti-Gaddafi protesters in Libya through arms and legal help.Though the presidential findings, which Obama approved, does not directly allows immediately giving arms to the rebels but it does pave the way for it in near future.

There has been an official statement issued from the White House declaring that the presidential findings had no comment over intelligence issues related to Libya.

The statement repeated what Barack Obama stated a day before indicating the possibilities of provision of arms to anti-government rebels in Libya to force Gaddafi step down, however it was yet not implemented as a decision.

The statement further clarified that the United States was looking over all the ways and possibilities to reach help to the opposition rebellions in Libya to avoid more killing of civilians by Gaddafi’s suppressive forces. There is a fierce debate over US decision to provide arms to the untrained rebels to fight Gaddafi supporting army in Libya.

The coalition forces including US troops enforced a no-fly zone over Libya trying to force Muammar Gaddafi to resign from his post, however, the Libyan president vowed to suppress the rebels by every mean. To confuse the international troops’ air strikes in support of rebels, Gaddafi’s forces left their tanks and started using pickup trucks and it was now difficult to differentiate troops from rebellions from air.

US President stresses on long term energy policy

US President stresses on long term energy policy

Barack Obama expressed that the US military actions in Libya, Middle East political crisis and the looming nuclear disaster in Japan has put a toll over the psychology of people of the United States.

The already slackening American economy has received severe jerks from these phenomena, Obama stated. He said that the American economy heavily depended upon oil and the Middle East fiasco led to huge rise in prices.

The current crisis that has originated from political instability in the Middle East and Japanese earthquake and tsunami has once again made it evident that the United States has yet not been able to find some alternative means to safeguard their economy from global crises.

There has been no alternative energy program envisaged by the US government so far. The US president called for reviving an strategy to install alternative energy programs in the United States to save the nation from oil fluctuations. Obama stated while addressing people at Georgetown University in Washington that at the time when he joined as US president, America consumed 11 million barrels per day, however, the consumption has decreased almost by 30 percent till now.

Obama stressed on promoting alternative energy sources like natural gas, electric vehicles, biofuels, wind and solar power as well as vehicles and tools that are more fuel-efficient. He reiterated emphasis on developing nuclear power as an alternative to crude oil despite the Japanese nuclear crisis that toppled the entire world’s race for harnessing nuclear energy.

Adding that nuclear energy constitutes almost 20 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, he stated that it was much safer in terms of keeping a clean environment with no carbon emissions.

Pro-Gaddafi security forces push protesters from western stronghold in Libya

LIbya protesters

LIbya Protesters

Pro-government security forces forced anti-Gaddafi protesters out of their stronghold—city of Misurata after high resistance of the rebellions. For a short period though, the protesters had claimed victory of Ajdabiya but now the Libyan government forces reinforced their control over the area.

According to Musa Ibrahim, government spokesman from Libya stated that Qaddafi supporting security forces were to take control over Misurata following Zawiyah, the two towns in the western part of Libya where the rebels had taken over.

The move was slow in order to avoid casualties, stated the spokesperson, whereas the rebels revealed that there were more than 10 people died while Gaddafi’s forces took control of the city from them.

The rebels fought continuously hoping for some support from the international community, but there was none. Susan E. Rice, the United States envoy to the United Nations, tried continuously for a resolution to declare Libya not only a no-flight zone but also initiate some stern steps to check the movement of Gaddafi’s forces.

Ms Rice stated that they were discussing actions that would protect the civilians there in Libya. The United States is considering going for possible measures beyond a no-fly zone. The US diplomat added that they were trying for a solution of the crisis through voting in Libya.

Meanwhile warplanes were reported bombarding over the areas off-Benghazi.

NGOs and aid organizations left the city soon after for safety.

The rebellions welcomed the initiative from the United States and the UN Security Council.

Even within the US administration, it is a strong belief that declaring Libya a no fly zone is no more an effective measure to check loyalist forces’ oppressive steps against the rebels.

U.S. Endorses Arab League Over Declaring Libya as No-Fly Zone

U.S. Endorses Arab League Over Declaring Libya as No-Fly Zone

U.S. Endorses Arab League Over Declaring Libya as No-Fly Zone

Ras Lanuf, Libya:  – The United States supports Arab League’s demand for declaring Libya a no-fly zone. The White House calls it as an important step in the wake of government’s effort to root out rebels from the areas they controlled.

Amr Moussa, chief of the Arab League stated that the League, had determined on Saturday in a meeting in Cairo that Libyan President Gaddafi had done serious crimes and taken violent steps against the people of Libya. The league therefore considers Gaddafi’s government as illegitimate and pressurizes Mummar Gaddafi to step down.

The United States would play a vital role in implementation of making Libya a no fly-zone. However it had not made any commitment yet to take any military action against Libya.

It is yet to be clarified whether League’s decision to declare Libya a no fly zone would give any support to NATO on regional level in initiating any military action against the country. However, William Hague, foreign secretary of the UK called it “very significant”.

The US authorities also indicated over possibility of an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council over this issue; however they said it was not very likely.

Gaddafi’s suppressive actions against his opponents have led to unprecedented unrest in the country. Ouster of autocratic governments in many other nations in the Middle East in recent days has inspired people of Libya to speed up demonstrations against the suppressive rule of Gaddafi.