South Korea Steps To Enhance Diplomatic Relations With China

South Korea to enhance ties with China

Following attack by North Korea on its island and gunfire clash, South Korea has declared that it would boost relations with china.

Korean peninsula has become vibrant again following N Korea’s aggression against the South. The United States and its allies have been patting South Korea and even backed it by military exercises in the Korean peninsula. The US also warned China for overlooking N Korea’s steps.

The initiative toward boosting funds related to improving relations with China expresses that South Korea is following a defense mechanism against North.

South Korean foreign ministry has declared that it would raise the annual budget on issues related with China from $390 million to $3 billion. The country expects to show its willingness to smoothen relations with China and initiate diplomatic talks.

The raised budget would include expenses on task forces which will resolve problems related to anti-Korean attitude of Chinese and build up academic and cultural relations with China. The South Korean government also plans to begin diplomatic talks for bilateral cooperation.

Seoul’s foreign minister, Kim Sung-hwan stated that relations with China are gradually becoming vital for the stability of peace and security in the Korean peninsula and their economic well being.