Syrian military confront protesters in north

The protest which started in Tunisia and later spread to the other Middle countries is taking its worst toll in Syria where the military of the country is bent on cracking down the protesters. The Syrian army roll its tanks to the Northern city Baniyas on.

It is part of the campaign by the Syrian government to destroy the leaderless opposition movement that wants change in the political structure of the Arabic nation.

Already the heavy use of force by the Syrian military is being criticized by international community and human right organizations world wide. The international condemnation was triggered off by the reported shooting and killing of three women near Baniyas by the soldiers when they joined other demonstrators.

The government responded by severing both land and wireless communication in the city making it impossible for the information regarding the brutalizing of the Syrian citizens from being seeing by the international community.    

It would be recalled that the Syrian soldiers opened fire on its own citizens who were protesting on Friday demanding a change in the leadership of that country. This action by the Syrian army led to the death of not less than 30 unarmed citizens. This act elicited outrage from the international community but the Syrian government has turned deaf ears to the appeal from the international community.