Mississippi flood likely to bring large-scale disaster

The surging Mississippi river may prove to be a large scale disaster. From the trends of the flooding, the swelling is well over recorded levels sending panics down the spine of the already traumatized city residents.

The over flooding of the water along the Midwest has already caused panic among the population as many of the dwellers of the city had started to move their belongings away from the city. The rate of the flooding has put to serious tests the levees which were put to checkmate the surging water.

Already the residents are warned to get prepared for the worst flooding the city is going to witness for over seventy years. The flooding according to the warning may even start tonight. It is the persistent rainfall that is putting the river above the basin limits. The rainfall is worsening the already devastated water levels in the city.

A report had it that thousands of residents of Memphis are getting ready for the storm, many of the residents are worried because they do not know what the future will hold for them in view of the distress from the troubled waters. Already many of the residents are building such protective measures as buffer to counter the force with which the water will descend to the city.