Tunisia Warns Libya following rocket attacks

Tunisian government official has warned that the country could report Libya to the United Nations Security Council if Libya is to throw rockets at their borders again. Tunisia said that Libya has been launching rockets at the border. Tunisia said that some of the rockets fired at the border were entering to its territory warning the diplomatic actions would be taken against Libya if such is to happen again.

The defection of the Libyan oil minister to the side of the rebels that have been battling to topple Col Gadhafi has put the Libyan leader under serious pressure. Few days ago it was reported that about four Russian made rockets were fired inside Tunisia and the security in Tunisia has no problem in determining the shots were fired from Libya. This attack against the Tunisian has made the Libyan forces to retreat a bit from the border after heavy battle with the rebels along that border.

Tunisia has announced that the veteran minister of oil has left Tripoli and is in the country Tunisia signaling that the minister has called it a quit with the government of Gadhafi who is locked in a battle with some rebel groups in the country who are fighting to force him out of power.