U.S. drone Killed al Qaeda militants, Missed al-Awlaki

A US born al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki has escaped US drone plane attack on Thursday in Yemen. However the attack killed two al Qaeda militants. The US officials were not happy the air attack missed the unrepentant al Qaeda leader. Anwar al-Awlaki is one of those al Qaeda leaders who encourage attack on United States of America. The air strike was carried out in the Southern Yemen, one of the areas that are considered as the stronghold of al Qaeda and its militants in Yemen.

It is estimated that well over 300 Al Qaeda militants were located within that Arabian Peninsula. The strongholds of the militants group in that region are in the mountains that are located at Abyan, Shabwa, Marib and Jouf. It is assumed that the militants are responsible for the series of attacks that were carried out against the government of Yemen in recent pasts.

The group is accused of being responsible for the US Muslims attacks in the United States of America. Some instances of such attacks include the Texas shooting where an army personal was alleged to have killed about 13 people, injuring about 32 others. They are known to have attempted to smuggle dangerous weapons including explosives to United States of America.