United Nations expresses concern over Ivory Coast security issues

International community states the increasing anti-government protests and President Gbagbo’s supporting force in Ivory Coast have posed threat to security of the citizens. The recent political crisis in different nations in the Middle East region has induced a rebellion voice in many of the nations in the region from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen and now in Ivory Coast.

The UN expresses concern over safety of the organization’s staff’s and Ivory civilians in the current scenario.

The  international body has been severely criticized over not providing any protection to the civilians in Ivory Coast.

The international body submitted its vehicles last month and handed over to the government security officials following the abduction of two UN staffs by pro-Gbagbo civilians, however they were released later.

Also, some of the UN staffs were doubted of sharing confidential information with the pro-government security officials that included details on how to use 3 UN MI-24 helicopters. Am Ivory Coast daily, Fraternité Matin, published an article showing the details of plan to attack the protesting civilians by these helicopters. However Gbagbo’s spokesperson gave no comment over inquiry.

More than 450 civilians have been killed in Ivory Coast following the November presidential elections and last week 52 people including two of the UN employees lost their lives in the conflict with Gbagbo supporting security forces.

Head of the U.N. mission in Ivory Coast, Young-jin Choi stated that the document shared with the government authorities was just a draft however he assured to probe into the incident of leakage.