Yamani president to resign following severe demonstrations

Yemen is expecting a power transition after President Ali Abdullah Saleh resigns. The president is negotiation with other leaders showing concern over counterterrorism units and safety of his relatives.

Saleh has been a close ally to the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The negotiation included Gen. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar’s aide, two opposition leaders beside the president. Gen, Ahmar is a defected leader who supported antigovernment protesters. The capital city Sana had thousands of protesters fighting fiercely with soldiers who were armed with tanks and other weapons to suppress the rebellions trying to overthrow the government.

. The protesters in Sana reiterated their pledge to continue their demonstrations however said that they would try to minimize the possibilities of conflicts with the security forces. The program to march from central Tahir Square to the presidential palace has been postponed

According to some close sources to the negotiators, the Yemeni president was insisting upon quitting only after guarantee of safety for himself and his family. He also wanted to be assured of a transitional authority who can favor him even after stepping down from the president’s post.

Saleh has learned from observing incidents in Egypt, where the former president, Hosni Mubarak after resigning, now faces charges of corruption.

Saleh also demonstrated that he still enjoys control over the security forces as well as support of common people by organizing a rally in the capital city. The broadcast on television showed him challenging the opposition’s capability to take over the power.