Winter Storm Braces Midwest, Plains in US

More than 100 million people are praying for their lives amidst a massive winter storm in the United States. Plains and Midwest part of the country.

The deadly storm has hit the country on Monday with heavy snow and ice brought down from the Rockies Mountains leading to severe cold.

St. Louis, Milwaukee and Kansas City would be covered with 2 feet snowfall or a pile of snow up to  10 feet.

The areas with less cold are also not considered safe according to the weather experts as it may lead to tornados in southern part of the United States.

The Northeast region recorded highest snowfall in the region. A meteorologist Tim Ballisty estimated that around 100 million people are expected to be affected by the winter storm.

Thousands of flights were cancelled in Chicago and several other cities fearing snowfall. Road transportation authorities have already prepared clearing equipment to avoid problems.

Northwest Indiana, Southern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois experienced a blizzard for two days till Wednesday that speeded up to 60mph.

St. Louis had an inch of ice after snowfall whereas west Columbia had a predicted snow cover around 12 inches.

Jay Nixon, governor of Missouri announced a state of emergency in the state for the safety of people and also put 600 National Guards on duty in advance.

US celebrates New Year eve amidst blizzard

The tornadoes following the Christmas blizzard in USA have completely spoiled people’s mood for festivity in the Midwest and northern belt. There were several people reported with injuries in the snowstorm and a woman died in Missouri.

The National weather Service’s warning for watch period expecting a Tornado in Mississippi and Alabama is over now, however Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois witnessed many thunderstorms throughout Friday. Two people were found dead in Missouri and three in Arkansas due to storms. So far, blizzard has taken 7 lives in different part of the United States.

Jay Nixon, governor of Missouri checked the area himself and visited victims. He expressed his gratitude to warning system for making people prepare for the storm in advance and saving lives.

Rolla town of Missouri received maximum damage due to blizzard affecting 18000 people living here. However, the residents cooperated with each other in the hours of emergency, the governor stated.

Further warning was issued expecting a snowstorm on Saturday in South Dakota.

In south Dakota, the capital city—Pierre, snowstorm brought a cover of  13 inches snow leading to a temperature around  minus 5 degrees.

Midwest and Chicago had a mild temperature on Saturday in comparison to other parts of Midwest.

The experts stated that the violent storms originated from the clash between warm wind and cold air in the Midwest.

Storm, snowfall disturb Life in Upper Midwest, Chicago

The stormy weather and heavy snowfall made it tough for Americans to do their daily works on Monday.

The dangerously cold weather and storm led to closure of many highways and cancellation of flights. The top of Minnesota Vikings’ stadium felt down. More than 1600 flights were cancelled in Chicago alone. Heavy snowfall was reported in Indiana and Michigan.

After Michigan, the storm moved towards Canada. Snowfall can occur now in Northern Indiana and Michigan and also in Pennsylvania and New York.

Weather department reported that more decrease in temperature can make it worse in the Midwest for commuters. Many areas were reported with temperature below zero degree.

However, the officials assured that the worst part of the storm was over and only cold temperature will affect people live till Tuesday. The rough weather has not caused any casualty though. However damage to Minnesota Vikings’ stadium has led to shifting of Vikings’ game against the New York Giants to Detroit’s Ford Field. According to sources such weather conditions were experienced in the United States in January usually.

There was less snowfall in Chicago in comparison to Midwest but high speed winds cause most of the damages. The wind speed during storm reached nearly 50 mph and waves from Lake Michigan stroke up to Lake Shore Drive.