US flays Syrian president Assad for failure to implement reforms

US flays Syrian president Assad for failure to implement reforms

The US administration severely criticizes Bashar al-Assad, Syrian president over inability to address the demands of anti-government protesters.

US President Barack Obama stated that his counterpart lacked capacity to run the administration or do anything to calm down people of Syria. The Syrian government has continuously violated human rights in order to suppress the anti-government demonstrators. Despite promising to appease the protesters, Assad has yet not done anything over meeting the demands of people.

The Syrian president has been close with Iran and supported extremist groups — Hamas and Hezbollah. He also opposed Israel continuously but despite isolating Syria, the United States could not interfere much to stop Assad, neither it could give any financial or political pressure on Syria to force it for a bilateral talk with opponents. Assad and his family has ruled over Syria for more than 40 years so far.

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner stated that only the people of Syria could judge their president and his ability to lead the country forward to meet their aspirations. If Assad fails to bring social and economic reforms in Syria, only people can decide whether they want him to continue.

Instead of caring for protesters’ demand, Syrian president faulted them of conspiring and raising dissent among people. Despite his officials’ suggestions Assad retained emergency law to crush his opponents.