US to withdraw military intervention in Libya

i America is to support Libya and  return back from its decision for military intervention in the country. The United States is to follow the strategy of removing warplanes from Libyan front, revealed a NATO official on Monday.

The plan has been envisaged in the wake of high criticism of US actions on Libyan issue in the Congress. Turkey and Italy took initiative recently to secure a ceasefire in Libya and offered aid to rebels. The changeover in US strict strategy toward Libya seems to be an immediate response to these initiatives.

The international community took initiative to intervene in Libya following the continuous mass-level demonstration in the country to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi’s government.  The White House changed its policy from Monday regarding its role in the Libyan crisis. Now the other nations France, the United Kingdom and NATO are left to participate more actively in the Libyan fiasco in terms of making aerial strikes against Gaddafi supporting security forces.

Though formal declaration regarding America’s stepping back from military intervention is yet not been made, it is expected to implement the same in two-three days.  However, the United States has clearly stated that it would continue to help the global community with Awacs surveillance and planes for supervising the situation.