WHO changes deadline for destructing live smallpox

The World Health Organization WHO has finally shifted the date for the complete destruction of live smallpox which is known to be persisting. The organization disclosed this after its annual general meeting on Tuesday. It said that the final date has been moved to three years. The debate for this has been on for than ten years.

This issue was hotly contested at the annual general meeting that was held in Geneva. It has polarized the members over those who support the postponement of the date and those that are opposed to it. Iran one of the countries that demanded that the date should not be shifted was against US delegation which has insisted that the date must be shifted.

The United States of America and Russia had supported the shift of the day by some years forward. Iran was the country that was strongly opposed to it. They insisted the two countries must destroy their stock now.

The argument made by Iran is that it is the security to the world should a wrong hand on the product. They argued that are lots of machines and technology that can be used to produce vaccines in the shortest notice.