US president supports military action against Libyan counterpart

US president supports military action against Libyan counterpart

Barack Obama states that US military interventions in Libya has saved numerous lives there. He said this while addressing the people of the United States on television and emphasized that intervention by the US security forces has helped in avoiding a massacre in Libya.

Obama appealed to the Muammar Gaddafi supporter forces and Libyan people not to support the oppressive ruler anymore and keep struggling for the procedure.

He stated that if the autocratic ruler would not get access to arms and cash and no more support from the people, the international community will find it easy to remove Gaddafi from his post. He added however that the overthrow of the regime might not be so easy as Gaddafi is trying hard to retain his power.

The US president had earlier too expressed his desire to see Gaddifi hand over the Libyan regime to the opposition. He had said so while affirming the UN resolution to declare Libya a no-fly zone.

Though the US president clarified that the international security forces did not aim to target Gaddafi or force him to step down under the pressure of armed US troops. Obama confessed that the United Stated had done so in Iraq by forcing Saddam to step down. He further added that American soldiers and politicians had collectively put lot of efforts to improve Iraq’s condition.