British Air force to use Bunker Busting Bombs against Gaddafi

The Royal Air Force is to use bunker busting bombs against Moamar Gadhafi in Libya. The 2,000 lb bomb is to destroy Gadhafi command centers. The bomb which is about 14ft long has the capability of punching through reinforced concrete. It is expected to be deployed within days by the Royal air force which is part of the NATO military campaign against the government of Col. Moamar Gadhafi in Libya.

The bombs were used during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The arrival of the bomb will strengthen the ability of NATO to ground the operations of Gadhafi forces. It will target military installations in the country and will reduce civilian casualties.

It will be recalled that the prime minister of Britain David Cameron has said that the British government will send apache helicopters to destroy key installations under the command of Col Gadhafi. Last Friday the RAF and other jets destroyed guard towers located at the Bab Al- Aziziyah complex of Col Gadhafi. It was reported that Gadhafi is hiding in different hospitals in Tripoli to escape being killed by the NATO bombs.

Meanwhile Russia a strong ally of Col Gadhafi has called on him to step down and safe the country further destruction.