G8 leaders hail pro-democracy changes in Arab World

The world most powerful countries which constitute the G8 countries are supporting the Arab Spring. They also demanded that the Libyan leader Col Moamar Gadhafi should step down. The group also promised to provide billions of dollars to the countries that are experimenting on democratic governments.

Although the meeting did not announce the total figure financial figure they are going to give to the Arab world but the Tunisian finance minister said that the amount could be up to $40 billion dollars. The group observed that democracy is the foundation for stability and economic growth. The meeting also had a meeting with the post revolutionary prime ministers of Tunisia and Egypt who pleaded with the G8 countries to aid their countries in their reform program.

The meeting was attended by presidents and prime ministers of the G8 group of countries. The prime minister of Britain, Canada, France Italy as well as Japan attended on the second day which was also the final day for the conference. The meeting was hosted by France president Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy. He is also the chairman of the summit. They also critical examined the situation in those countries that are resting change in their countries. They specifically mention Syria and Libya.