N Korea Threatens Seoul to Attack again

North Korea Threatens Merciless Action Against South

Seoul: North Korea warned South against its planned live firing drill on an island which has been a matter of dispute for both the nations. North Korea threatened to take stern actions against South if the later would not stop its action immediately.

It is reported that tension has aggravated in the Korean peninsula between these two countries following Seoul’s announcement regarding a military drill on Yeonpyeong Island. Prior to it N Korea had warned South Korea responding to its military exercises on the disputed sea border on Nov 23. However, the South called these drills as routine.

N Korea gave the warning following Seoul’s declaration to give a stern response to any attack on its territory.

China too confirmed South Korea’s threatening to attack N Korea, during a talk with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg and appealed for cooperation to defuse tension in the Korean peninsula.

U.S. diplomatic troubleshooter Bill Richardson also visited North Korea to establish peace in the Korean peninsula”.

Dai Bingguo, a Chinese diplomat, called on the United States for cooperation over the Korean peninsula in his meeting with Steinbergon Friday.

The US official had visited China to ask to pressurize N Korea and stop its aggressions against South. The United States have been severely criticizing China over its silence on N Korea’s declaration of its nuclear power.