US releases Laden’s video to prove terror leader’s death

The United States government has released the video of the capture of Osama Bin Laden by the US Navy Seals after raiding his compound. The video released is the first photographic evidence of the end of the late terror leader in Pakistan. The total number of videos so far released is 5 in number.

Part of the video featured the al Qaeda leader scrolling his image on television when the seal busted to him. The image was shown by the United States of America News core.

The video which was believed to have been made by Osama last year and which was parts of the items that were seized in his compound contained what was described as message to the American people. Bin Laden condemned the United States of America and the capitalist economic system according to the US government news core which has privy to the videos.

The US has described that video as the single biggest collection ever to be made by the US intelligence in history of the country. The video showed the live picture of Bin Laden up to November last year. The video clearly showed that Osama Bin Laden is the active leader of al Qaeda and not passive leader as some people were thinking. He was actively in charge of all the operations that were carried out by the group.