US Senate gears up to review bill on Oil pipeline

The US House of Representatives has approved proposed $7 billion pipeline The Democratic government has moved forward to set a deadline for the pipeline that will bring Canadian oil sands crude to the United States .

The bill received 279-147 votes in its favor and this eventually pressurizes the state to allow transport of Canadian oil sands crude to California by 1 November via Keystone XL pipeline.

Ed Whitfield, a Republican stated that the pipeline continued being held up for three years due to many reasons, and now the approved bill has removed all the big obstacles for it.

He also stated that, the opening of this pipeline would also help in reducing oil prices.The proposed pipeline would transport

700,000 barrels of crude oil per day. It will transfer oilfrom Alberta to refineries situated at US Gulf coast. This would also help in securing energy supply in the country as well as promote employment. However, the bill is yet to become a law and it needs to be passed by the Senate, where DEmocrates dominate the scene.

Keystone XL pipeline has raise many environmental concerns too and therefore received strong resistance from those who oppose the bill. The oil sand production in Canada is carbon-intensive, and therefore contributes to greater pollution.

from the incidents of leakage in Exxon Mobil’s Silvertip oil pipeline has also set people to raise concern over the viability ofKeystone XL pipeline.