Violent tornado destroys 7 states in U.S killing 45 people

The rampant US economy receives another severe setback with yesterday’s tornado. Almost seven states of the country have converted into loads of debris and dead bodies due to one of the largest storm in the states. Around 45 people have been reported killed and many are missing. Thousands of people in North Carolina, Virginia and Oklahoma have become homeless.

The continuous three-day disaster that had 241 tornadoes altogether affected more than 14 states in the United States. Experts have also warned over probability of more storms over central and Southern regions in the coming week. The same may revisit the areas, which have already been devastated in this tornado.

North Carolina and Virginia have been worst affected due to damage by the tornado. , Hundreds of people have been injured and many of the residents are missing in the rubble.

A family in Raleigh lost three children  due to collapse of their home during the storm. The government authorities are yet taking account of number of deaths and loss of properties during the disaster.

At least 10 people were killed alone in Berties and 50 were injured in the stormy weather. Raleigh

Seven states have been damaged though however, North Carolina governor has declared a state of emergency after seeing the level of devastation in the county. Carolina has experienced worst ever series of storms since 1984.