Historic flooding threatens Mississippi Delta

The expected happened as the Mississippi River flooded the whole Delta area. The water destroyed mansions, farmlands as well as shotgun shacks in what was described as a historic flooding yesterday.

The flooding which was done in the poorest part of the US was almost as deadly as the flooding that was recorded in 1937. The flood affected the neighborhood while the parts of the city were not affected because of the levees which were built to offer some protections.

The signals of what will befall the city was live throughout the past weeks as the flood waters had been encroaching to the neighborhood which forced many of the Delta residents to move to the higher grounds. This has affected the economy of the state because the dockside casinos were closed down. This is the main stay of the economy of the state.

What has just happened is a sign of the major disaster that is about to come as more flooding is expected along the Delta area of the state. However people in the south of the Delta were not affected as the other parts of the Delta although some homes were damaged by the flood but it cannot be compared to what is happening in the other part of the Delta.