Iran boasts of dismantling US spies

Iran claimed that it has dismantled US espionage group which has been monitoring the country. It said that 24 people who are doing the espionage had been arrested.

Iran stated that it has established a link which showed that about 42 people report to the CIA. This revelation was made by the Iranian intelligent. The security sources maintained that these syndicates had gathered information from the universities and research centers as well as nuclear energy and aerospace technology.

The statement further stated that these spies made use of American facilities in other countries to coordinate the spying. The countries which these spies rely on include such countries like Turkey Malaysia and other countries in the east. The report further said that the spies were also investigating such other information about the economy and facilities in the country.

The spies are being sponsored by the American CIA, they have set up the spy group with a promise of given them free American resident permit.

The relationship between the two countries has never being in good terms since 1979 revolution in Iran that changed the old order. The Iranian government is mostly religious extremists. The bone of the contention between two countries is the accusation by America that Iran is developing a nuclear plant which could be detrimental to the world and Middle East community.