Leaders expect UN nuk agency to reveal details on Iran’s weapons

Leaders expect UN nuk agency to reveal details on Iran’s weapons

Leaders expect UN nuk agency to reveal details on Iran’s weapons

International leaders stated International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] would reveal information about Iran’s computer models of nuclear war and its secret development of nuclear arms.

Tehran has allegedly continued secret work to develop nuclear warms, said the diplomats while talking to media on last Friday.

The IAEA  also aims to share  the satellite imagery of a steel container , which according to the UN atomic agency, is used for testing  nuclear arms-related high explosives, added the diplomats. The UN agency is going to reveal this to 35 board members.

The IAEA had also listed Iran’s activities that indicated that the country was secretly producing nuclear weapons for almost a decade.

The new findings have strengthened these doubts as the weapon-related work has now gone wider in volume and scope, as per the intelligence reports of the IAEA.


The revelation increases possibilities of international military actions against Iran’s nuclear activities.

Shimon Peres, Israeli President told on international leaders should consider breaking their silence and take military action instead of diplomatic negotiations with Iran over this issue.

Meanwhile, even British media has also spread words over the issue, citing authorities who claimed that the United Kingdom was also prepared to support in case the United States considers to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iranian crude murder plan against Saudi envoy shocks US

Iran plans to assassinate Saudi envoy to US

The US administration sought for explanation over proofs of Iran’s involvement in the murder plot against Saudi ambassador to the United States on Wednesday. The action has been severely criticized by foreign leaders and diplomats.

The US officials could not explain over their findings of Quds Force’s involvement as this would definitey tarnish the image of the unit which is part of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and is considered being one of the elite international operations.

Jay Carney, spokesperson of Obama government kept on saying that there were clear evidence of senior officials of Quds Forces’ participation in the assassination plan, however he did not say anything further.

Iranian authorities fiercely opposed the American accusation and called it a deliberate act to tarnish Iran’s image.

Meanwhile, the US officials revealed they were trying to establish reasons to justify what their findings prove and indicated that as Quds Force is a known hand in supplying arms to the insurgents and training them, the murder plot might be an outcome of Iran’s changing strategy toward Saudi Arabia and the United States. The move might also be a trial to create tension  and between the United States and Saudi Arabia and spoil their economic relations.

Germany agitates with Iran over Delay in Merkel’s plane

Diplomatic row broke out between Germany and Iran over the later closure of its airspace to hinder the passage of Chancellor Angela Merkel who was on her way to New Delhi India on a state visit. The temporal closure of air space delayed the arrival of the chancellor. German diplomats described the action of Iran as a show of disrespect for Germany. They descried that action as unacceptable. The German position was made known by the foreign minister Guido Westerwelle.

The foreign minister summoned the Iranian ambassador to Germany to express the position of the government to Iran. The foreign minister made it clear to the ambassador that such blatant breach of international convention by Iran would no longer to be tolerated by Germany.

Meanwhile the chancellor has arrived to India where she had discussions with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. She however did not comment on the inconvenience that was caused to her by the Iranian action saying that she is concerned with her visit to India.

The chancellor also had a discussion with Indian President. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said there is the need to combat terrorism in the region. The talk between the two countries centered on how to improve on the Indio-German relationship. The Indian side of the talk was led by Prime Minister Singh while Chancellor Merkel led the German side.

Iran part of the crackdown in Syria- US

United States officials have revealed that the crackdown of the pro democracy movement that is going on Syria is abetted by Iran.

The report said the Iranian authorities are dispatching advisers and trainers including the Quds force to help the Syrian government to crackdown on the pro democracy groups in the country.

The report said that the intervention of Iran in the affairs of the country is preventing the pro democracy forces from forcing changes into the government of Syria. It said that the Iranians are backing the Syrians with manpower as well as riot gear and surveillance equipment which help the Syrian government to track down their opponents through Facebook and twitter accounts. It is believed that it is through the Iranian assisted surveillance computer that the Syrian intelligent was able to arrest the hundreds of oppositions whom they arrested last week.
It has always being the assumption of the US that the Iranian authorities are always behind the activities of the repressive governments that have been oppressing its own people in the Middle East. They cited such instances as the repressive government in Syria and the Hezbollah in Lebanon as well as the extreme jihads group the Hamas in the Gaza strip.

Iran boasts of dismantling US spies

Iran claimed that it has dismantled US espionage group which has been monitoring the country. It said that 24 people who are doing the espionage had been arrested.

Iran stated that it has established a link which showed that about 42 people report to the CIA. This revelation was made by the Iranian intelligent. The security sources maintained that these syndicates had gathered information from the universities and research centers as well as nuclear energy and aerospace technology.

The statement further stated that these spies made use of American facilities in other countries to coordinate the spying. The countries which these spies rely on include such countries like Turkey Malaysia and other countries in the east. The report further said that the spies were also investigating such other information about the economy and facilities in the country.

The spies are being sponsored by the American CIA, they have set up the spy group with a promise of given them free American resident permit.

The relationship between the two countries has never being in good terms since 1979 revolution in Iran that changed the old order. The Iranian government is mostly religious extremists. The bone of the contention between two countries is the accusation by America that Iran is developing a nuclear plant which could be detrimental to the world and Middle East community.

Demonstrators protest against Syrian regime

Demonstrators protest against Syrian regime

Syrians witnessed an intense upsurge of feelings against the autocratic government with thousands of demonstraters marching in the capital ciry roaring slogans against the President Bashar al-Assad. Many of the protesters have been killed and injured during fierce clashes with the government supporting security forces in Syria.

Surprisingly, the demonstrations speeded up after the Syrian president tried to lure and appease them with some economic and political concessions.

The international community involving security forces from the United States, Israel and Europe affirm that Assad’s government is losing control over the regime.

The unrest among Syrian people has a great potential of turning into a wide scale violent rebel to force Mr Assad to step down from president’s post.

The international community fears over the possibilities of another unrest in the Middle East following Syrian crisis.

The political crisis stated in the last week amidst rebels everywhere in the Middle East—following Egypt, Southern Syrian towns have witnessed violent confrontations among government security forces and protesters and in the capital city Damascus.

Last Friday thousands of protesters came into streets asking fo reforms and grieved over the death of people during violence clashes with security forces. If the same situation continues, Syria might face regional repercussions. Being a key factor in the Middle East politics, Syria influences Iran, Lebanon and Palestine, It supports Hezbollah and Hamas and this way creates a pain to the United States, which has always boasted to be the big brother, and crusader of anti-terrorism campaign.

Armed forces attack anti-government protestors in Bahrain

Bahrain’s troops attack protestors demanding for the ouster of current government.

Despite declaration of state of emergency in Bahrain, people continue demonstrating against the autocratic government.

The security personnel used tear gas vehicles to scatter the crowd of protestors who had occupied a landmark square in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. According to some witnesses, two demonstrators died in the clash with the security forces.

Declaration of state of emergency has suddenly powered the armed forces with more authority over system.

The protestors were attacked early in the morning and black smoke covered the square soon after the attack began. Helicopters were also seen hovering over the landmark square where the demonstrators had gathered to protest. Following the declaration of state of emergency on Wednesday Bahrain’s stock exchange has been closed down at 1413.19 on Tuesday. There has been no announcement yet when it would reopen. Bahrain stock market stands for a very small section of investment world in the Persian Gulf region

According to the sources, Saudi Arabia refuted to obey the orders of the United States for not involving in Bahrain’s issue and sent its security forces to check violence.

Thousands of security personnel from Saudi Arabia 500 UAE police officials have reached Bahrain to establish peace there. However, the United States fears such moves might intensify tensions in Bahrain. Protestors are increasing in number day by day and have taken control over financial district in the capital city Manama.  The US administration also fears over the possibility of sectarian violence following the arrival of Saudi Arabian Sunni troops and Shiya forces from Iran.

However, the Bahrain government has announced to initiate a national dialogue to resolve the situation a week ago, which has raised hopes among the protestors.

Ahmadinejad says mass protests not to make history in Iran

Buoyed by the Iranian Parliament’s demand for the prosecution of two prominent leaders of the opposition movement, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed confidence on Tuesday that the mass demonstrations are going to fail. On Monday Iran witnessed antigovernment protests after a year.

It is reported that nearly 20,000-30,000 people took to the streets in protest in Iran, including the capital Tehran. Two student leaders have lost their lives in the demonstrations.

The mass movements started after the last elections. President Ahmadinejad, who holds on to power despite allegations of a rigged re-election, claims that these are the machinations of foreign nations to destroy a great nation. But mass opposition leader Karroubi predicts the uprising in Iran will go Tunisia and Egypt way where the oppressive rulers have been forced to flee.

Karroubi says that the government must remove cotton from the ears and listen to the people’s voice. He strongly believes that oppression works only up to a point and history is proof of that.

Though a number of opposition members have been prosecuted, the government has not dared to prosecute the two prominent mass leaders Mir Hussein Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi fearing wide spread unrest.

American President Barrack Obama has lauded the courage of the Iranian demonstrators and criticized the Iranian government’s response to the demonstrations. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced the use of the Internet by the Iranian government to hunt down critics.

The opposition leaders like Karroubi do not have any future plans, but he is hopeful that the street demonstrations would overhaul the government and unseat not just Ahmadinejad, but also the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran hails Egyptian mass protests against Hosni Mubarak

Iran’s president Ahmadinejad  calls Egyptians uprising against President Hosni Mubarak as a new serge of Islamic Middle East is emerging. He further stated that this new change will have no contribution or interference of the United States or Israel.

Ahmadinejad gave this statement while addressing Iranian people on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of its 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The Iranian leader showed his apathy at a time when entire Egypt is facing a political crisis. Egyptian President has appointed his deputy to take authority but refused to resign despite being pressurized by global community. The pressure began following a continuous mass protest by thousands of his opponents for more than 17 days demanding Mubarak’s resignation.

Thousands of Iranians have marched to protest in support of Egyptian people demanding Hosni Mubarak’s ouster. Many effigies of Hosni Mubarak were also set ablaze in Iran.

Iranian media too supported the cause of Egyptian people showing live footage of mass protests in Cairo at Tahir Square.

Iran itself is not in harmony with the international community due to its disputed nuclear program. Still, it hails mass uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt by calling them a ‘replay of its own Islamic Revolution.’

Ahmadinejad also stated that the new Middle East would grow without any interference from US and Zionist regime.

Israel tested Stuxnet virus with consent of US administration

Israel tested the notorious computer virus Stuxnet authorized by the US administration reportedly. Israel used centrifuges to test out the computer worm  taking Teheran’s nuclear program as its target to destroy. Everything was executed in a planned way with the authority of Bush administration, the report revealed.

The virus was first tested in Dimona, reported English daily from the United States. The centrifuges used by Israel for testing Stuxnet were very similar to those used Iranian nuclear sites.

In 2008, Siemens allowed the Idaho National Laboratory, to rectify problems in its computer controllers. The same computer controllers were present in the Iranian nuclear plants. Idaho National Laboratory is part of the American Energy Department that provides nuclear equipment and weapons to the United States. Testing of Stuxnet was based on the problems in the computer controllers of nuclear programs found in 2008.

The virus destroyed control over the Iranian nuclear centrifuges and recorded all activities going at the nuclear plant. When checked by the operators, the virus showed a normal routine of the plant and this confused the operators.  They stayed unaware till all the centrifuges were destroyed.

The Stuxnet virus entered the nuclear plant’s computer network through some external drives or probably through the internet. The virus was partially successful as it delayed Iran’s nuclear development, however could not completely destroy their sites.

George W. Bush, former president of the United States had allowed dissemination of this worm in 2009 reportedly and Barack Obama too nodded to develop the virus further.