Shashi Tharoor Sunanda Murder Case

Arnab Goswami’s new TV channel Republic TV released audio tapes accusing Indian politician and Shashi Tharoor’s involvement in his wife Sunanda Pushkar murder.

Sunanda Pushkar murder case is being discussed on Republic TV

A total of 19 audio tapes are being aired on news channel. At the 9pm prime time discussion, Arnab was heard saying, “the nation wants to know” the catch-phrase popularized by Arnab when he was a news anchor at Times Now channel.
Republic TV’s news editor Prema Sridevi talked to Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar hours before she was allegedly murdered. During their conversation, Sunanda Pushkar the wife of Shashi Tharoor asked the journalist to meet her and she was eager to share some information. But when Ms.Prema reached at the Leela Palace hotel, Ms.Prema was not allowed to meet Mrs.Sunanda Puskar. Hours later Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar was reported murdered. The news channel also reported that Ms.Prema Sridevi gave her statement in written to the Police.

Mr.Shashi Tharoor was not immediately available for comment. According to Arnab Goswami Mr.Shahsi Tharoor is on the run the moment when they went live with the news. He claims that five of his journalists are chasing Mr.Shashi Tharoor.

*Update: Mr.Tharoor made the following statement on Twitter

I am angered that someone would exploit a human tragedy for personal gain & TRPs. I challenge him to prove his false claims in a court of law.
-Shashi Tharoor

Doctor Sudheer Guptha who did the autopsy also appeared on the TV channel. According to Dr.Guptha, Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar was not suffering from any major illness that could have lead to her death and she was poisoned to death.

UN Scribe Calls for Action Against Syria

The scribe of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki Moon has called on the world powers to press action on Syria to end the attack on anti government protesters in the country and listen to the demands of the protesters. The secretary general said that resolution on the crises would help the people of Syria. Ban Ki Moon was talking to the press in New York on the same day he was re-elected for the UN top job for a second term of five years.

The secretary general advised President Assad to respect the will of people of Syria and listen to and address the grievances of the protesters. Since Syria started using heavy forces against its citizens that are protesting were against the government the United Nations Security Council has been unable to pass a resolution.

Russia and China are standing as opposition against a US draft resolution that was seeking to condemn the Syrian government. The draft was also opposed by India, Brazil and South Africa.

The protest against the government of President Assad started in mid March and it has continued. The Assad family had ruled Syria for more than forty years. The current president ascended into power about eleven years ago after the death of his father who has ruled the country for more than three decades. The protest is centered against the continued of rule of Assad and they are demanding for reforms in the country including regime change.

US not to support Indian involvement in Afghanistan in future

The plan by Indian government to help in the training of the new Afghan security may not be a welcomed development. This was contained in a security report that was released in Washington. Even though the Indian government discussed with the Americans on that possibility and was preparing for that, she was told categorically that such action will undermine the security of the region.

According to a release by cable network on February 23, 2010, Y K Singh the joint secretary who was handling Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran issues for foreign ministry told the Americans that it would be a sensitive issue for America but New Delhi is offering to help on her own accord. The Americans believe the cost of having the Indian security to train the Afghanistan security will outweigh the benefits.

The Indian diplomat in the meeting told the US official not to be dragged to the Pakistani game of driving India out of Afghanistan. He told the Americans that while the Pakistani government is more interested in seeing the Indians out of Afghanistan that India will not leave Afghanistan because of its strategic interest to India. The hatred of the Pakistani government against the Indian involvement in Afghanistan was evident in an interview which Pervez Musharaf granted to journalists where he accused Indian of sidelining the Pakistani military.

Germany agitates with Iran over Delay in Merkel’s plane

Diplomatic row broke out between Germany and Iran over the later closure of its airspace to hinder the passage of Chancellor Angela Merkel who was on her way to New Delhi India on a state visit. The temporal closure of air space delayed the arrival of the chancellor. German diplomats described the action of Iran as a show of disrespect for Germany. They descried that action as unacceptable. The German position was made known by the foreign minister Guido Westerwelle.

The foreign minister summoned the Iranian ambassador to Germany to express the position of the government to Iran. The foreign minister made it clear to the ambassador that such blatant breach of international convention by Iran would no longer to be tolerated by Germany.

Meanwhile the chancellor has arrived to India where she had discussions with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. She however did not comment on the inconvenience that was caused to her by the Iranian action saying that she is concerned with her visit to India.

The chancellor also had a discussion with Indian President. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said there is the need to combat terrorism in the region. The talk between the two countries centered on how to improve on the Indio-German relationship. The Indian side of the talk was led by Prime Minister Singh while Chancellor Merkel led the German side.