N Korea blames US for provoking ‘war’ in peninsula

South Korean soldiers and US forces exercising on N Korean boarder

The US receives another criticism for instigating war like situation in the Korean Peninsula.  This time it is North Korea faulting the United States and its allies for exercising military activities and creating an explosive atmosphere for war.

The tense situation between N Korea and s Korea is almost reached on the threshold of a war due to continuous reactions by the United Sates and its allies. No only they are giving aggressive statements to provoke conflict but also reaching out with their military aid for South Korea, states a Korean news paper.

Involvement of S Korea, Japan and US in the conflict directly will make the dispute an international war. North Korea has already demonstrated its readiness both for a war and an ‘all-out war.’

The attack on Yeonpyeong Island by N Korea was first aggression from its side since Korean War in 1950-53In March N Korea also submerged a South Korean ship leading to death of more than 40 sailors.

However, the Korean media calls all these incidents as ‘cooked up’ by the United States and its allies. North Koreans consider the attack on island as revenge to S Korea’s firing in common waters.

It is not just the United States and its allies patting South Korea’s back to instigate war. China has also been reportedly involved in the conflict. N Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s meeting with Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo is not hidden from anyone.

The United States had warned China recently against N Korea’s aggression in the Korean peninsula and suggested to guide N Korea.

US ‘Not Rushing’ To Military Option Against Iran

US- Iran Diplomatic relation are changing

Washington: The Obama government’s chief nuclear advisor, Gary Samore, has stated that the United States may impose new sanctions on Iran very soon in order to check its nuclear program advancement. Samore, the US coordinator for Counter-terrorism and arms control, has revealed that the US will keep mounting diplomatic pressure on Teheran and take additional measures considering the upcoming meeting next month between Iran, the US and other world powers to direct nuclear talks.

While addressing a conference on security and defense, he stated that the United States would increase sanctions as Iranian leaders kept avoiding detailed negotiations on the nuclear issue. He further said that the sanctions would not be lifted until all concerns are fully addressed. Samore did not give details about the exact roadmap over the Iran issue but it has been said that several members of Congress are considering a new legislation to limit Iran’s crude oil export and pressurize firms to publicly disclose their deals with Teheran. In addition, many Congress members want more stern sanctions which include punishing foreign companies engaged in business deals with Iran.

He said that Iran had more successful missile program as compared to its nuclear program; so, the United States would like to have a serious strategy to prevent arms sales taking place from Iran.

So far, sanctions imposed on Iran have had significant outcomes since the global ban on acquiring nuclear equipment and technologies for its nuclear program, Samore said. He further said that the United States would not rush to military option against Iran and first resort to diplomatic efforts.

US likely to impose sanctions on Ivory Coast over poll verdict

Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo in the center

Abidjan, Ivory Coast – Following the UN allegation over controversial presidential  election in Ivory Coast, the US government has issued a warning against former president  Laurent Gbagbo regarding wrongdoings to the electoral process and showing disrespect for the verdict. The United States has asked the ex-president to leave the presidential office at the earliest as the UN claims that the election was won by Gbagbo’s opponent.

Meanwhile, the African Union has shown deep concerns over the recent developments in the Ivory Coast politics and decided to suspend the country from the union’s membership. Gbagbo did not accept his defeat in the presidential election and rejected the electoral commission’s verdict, which showed that the opposition party leader Alassane Ouattara won the election by a considerable margin of votes.

Ivory Coast has been in news since the verdict came last week. The world community has shown its disapproval over Gbagbo’s unconstitutional act and asked him to immediately step down as a president. Gbagbo has been ignoring the world community’s voice since last week and even did not take call from Barack Obama. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came openly to talk on the Ivory Coast’s issue and said that the US government has asked Gbagbo to transfer power to his opponent in a constitutional manner otherwise he would be facing a dire consequences.

Gbagbo, who spent many years as an expatriate in France, may face a travel ban as the international community including the European Union and the United Nations have also condemned the act.

US Admits WikiLeaks Endangers American Interests

US officials are worried as new leaks could affected the relations with other nations

The ‘thermonuclear effect’ of Wikileaks disaster has finally been acknowledged. The US administration confessed that the disclosure of confidential documents by the WikiLeaks has raised a question over US foreign policies and its intentions.

State Department spokesman P J Crowley stated that the US considers WikiLeaks action have hampered US interests and put many people’s live under risk by exposing them. Crowley said this while addressing reporters in a press conference and supported Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd who opined the documents were provided to WikiLeaks by somebody within American administration.

Crowley further clarified that the government is taking appropriate actions against those who have violated the Constitution and American laws by leaking confidential information and a suspect has been arrested too. However he stated that nobody could be held responsible from the investigation done so far.

The US secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton talked with officials and diplomats from different countries to mitigate the aftermath of the damage in foreign relations caused by the disclosure of documents. When asked, Crowley said that he was not aware of any of Clinton’s talks with Australian Minister Rudd or other international leaders regarding WikiLeaks issue.

Crowley also added that Clinton’s conversation with international diplomats showed US adherence to continue its cooperation with other nations and work for each others interests.

‘Super Powers’ fail to negotiate with Iran on nuclear issue

six nations meeting with Iran over nuclear issue

The Istanbul meeting ended without reaching any conclusion over Iran’s nuclear issue. Six world powers could not make Iran agree with their except for the next meet in the coming month. The meeting involved representatives from the US, Britain, Russia, China, France and Germany beside Iran.

The US officials revealed that the meeting could not draw any conclusion over the issue due to contradictory expectations from both sides.

EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, stated that the two parties agreed to talk in January to discuss alternatives for cooperation and to find a resolution over the nuclear issue.

However, Iran declared the meeting as ended with ‘vague’ suggestions. The Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili stated that the next meeting between the six nations and Iran would be towards finding a platform for cooperation, which also he said was not something Iran proposed. It was Lady Ashton, EU foreign minister who said this and other members of the meeting agreed.

Jalai said that Iran was ‘absolutely’ not ready to negotiate over uranium enrichment. The six nations wanted to pressurize Iran to follow the UN resolution that demanded suspension of uranium enrichment.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had mentioned while addressing people in Tehran that Iran would talk further only if the international sanctions against her are dropped.

In the Geneva press conference, Jalali faulted nuclear scientist Shahriari’s murder and indirectly blamed the UN security council. The UNSC had declared four scientists including Shahriari as being involved in ‘banned nuclear activities.’

Obama Flays China for ‘Willful Blindness’ Against N Korea

US President Barack Obama with Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao

Washington: US President Barack Obama Warns Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao for ignoring N Korean aggression in the Korean peninsula. Obama called up President Hu Jintao over telephone on Monday. The US president asked China to pressurize N Korea for it provocation followed by military confrontation with South Korea.

Obama further stated that North Koreans needed to understand the consequence of their provocation and its adverse impact on their mutual relation with China, officials revealed.

The US officials also added that Obama recalled Hu Jintao of their meeting in Canada where the former had publicly faulted China for its ‘willful blindness’ toward N Korea’s military aggression. The United States is helping South Korea in taking strict actions against N Korean aggressions including artillery shelling and sinking of a naval warship Cheonan. The warship carried 46 South Koreans all of whom were killed.

N Korea has attacked S Koreans, bombed over S Korean land and also declared recently about its nuclear power. However, China did not check or criticize N Korea for any of its actions.

The Chinese president reportedly ignored White House invitation for scheduling a telephonic call with the US president. However, the US officials denied the report. In the conversation the Hu Jintao neither assured the US nor made any complain over US military actions in collaboration with South Korea.

WikiLeaks likely to unleash complete set of unfiltered documents

WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange leaked many confidential military and diplomatic files of the United States and other countries

After a growing demand for trial in sedition and sex-crime charges, WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange has stated that he will release the entire set of unfiltered documents if more pressure mounted on him.

The 39-year-old Australian has been in news for leaking so many confidential military and diplomatic files of the United States and other countries. Mr. Assange has said that the unpublished lot of secret documents will come handy for him in future.

The secret file, protected with an encryption key, contains the entire version of US documents grabbed by WikiLeaks till date. This also includes unpublished part of documents, which had names and details of sources.

After remaining silent for past few day, the WikiLeaks founder has come out more vocal this time, shielding his activities, condemning critics and challenging world leaders.

WikiLeaks chief’s lawyer has issued a warning in which he says if Assange is forced to face trial in the charges levied by the United States and other world leaders, then Assange will decide on releasing the encryption key. The release will make sure that the millions of people who download the file have access to names, addresses and other details mentioned in the file.

Assange’s lawyer further said that his client was facing threats of death or arrest from the U.S. and Saudi governments and the officials were also trying to shut down his websites. In addition he was wanted to answer against sexual-crime allegations by the Swedish court.  However, Mr. Assange had denied all these allegations. He has reportedly taken refuge in Britain.

Lindsay Lohan Sent to Jail After Probation Snafu

A judge sentenced the actress to 90 days, citing Lohan’s failure to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes after a 2007 drug arrest. Lohan, who has been wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet, must turn herself in by July 20 to begin serving the time.

The Judge compared Lindsay Lohan’s apology to “somebody who cheats and thinks it isn’t cheating if she doesn’t get caught.”

It wasn’t clear how much time Lindsay Lohan will actually spend in jail. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore commented that female inmates convicted of nonviolent misdemeanors serve about a quarter of their sentence but that could be further reduced by state credits.